The More Complete G Lore Primer

G has unquestionably been the biggest influence on my blog and theories. He’s involved in so many characters’ stories that it’s clear that I feel he’s more than just a minor character. Based on the lore, he has connections to Rashid, Menat, Rose, Gill, Dan, Hakan, Elena, Ibuki, Oro, and Q (and by proximity to Q, Crimson Viper). He has potential connections to Ken, Chun-Li, Cammy, the Shadaloo Dolls, Bison, Vega, Cody, Necalli, Luke, and pretty much every other character in the series. Street Fighter 6 is almost guaranteed to feature G front and center in the story, and if Capcom plays their cards right, they will produce one of the greatest and most unsettling stories in fighting game history, if not gaming history. All signs point to Capcom creating an epic Street Fighter story that promises to be every bit as engaging as Neon Genesis Evangelion or, as I see over and over again, Hunter X Hunter’s Chimera Ant arc (I have never watched the series, so I’ll take everyone’s word for it).

By now, there’s a sort of understanding among fans that, with G being the one who ushers the end of the world, Street Fighter will have some sort of Evangelion-esque event that could very much reset the entire series from the very beginning, changing everything we know about Street Fighter forever. While I would argue a full reset is completely unnecessary, there are certain events that could be clarified or changed that could make the game’s story more streamlined and easier to follow. Yes, Street Fighter is convoluted, but I fear a complete blowup would ruin the magic it has on story buffs like myself. If Capcom opts to reset the timeline, creating a whole new one much like Mortal Kombat’s, the characters we’ve watched and grew up with will simply cease to exist. We will still get Ryu, Chun-Li, Sakura, and others, but they will be fundamentally different in some ways.

Capcom would be taking a huge risk. However, if the story they create to reset everything is great, then the idea of giving the series a fresh start won’t hurt as much and the fans will be, at best, mildly content with what has transpired. However, if it’s a rushed cash grab to continue to milk the familiarity of Street Fighter II and/or completely eliminate what they think is a mistake, the Street Fighter III series, then fans will perceive Capcom to be giving up on the game altogether, which means the franchise will die out simply because Capcom doesn’t want anything to do with the franchise anymore.

Either way, it’s scary to think of fan favorite characters like Alex, Urien, and Ibuki just disappearing overnight. Just because many people walked away from Street Fighter after II doesn’t mean that those same people, many of whom are now in their thirties, forties, and fifties, can’t be brought back into the fold and love these newer, unfamiliar characters. Imagine if the likes of Jimmy Fallon and Jamie Lee Curtis could make Street Fighter return to mainstream prominence not with Ryu’s iconic Hadoken or Chun-Li’s famous lightning kicks, but with Urien’s Aegis Reflector or Ibuki’s Kunai. Is there a newer character that can bring Street Fighter back into prevalence and compete with the overwhelming popularity of Minecraft, The Last of Us, and whatever new, shiny game of the moment comes out?


Capcom will need to rely heavily on G going forward. If G becomes something of a one-shot character, they’ll have wasted his true potential. He is very well-liked among fans and has enough flexibility story-wise for Capcom to take him in many different directions. They could very much reset the franchise in 6, but they’d be better off playing the long game with G before starting over. This gives them the opportunity not to rush things and really focus on characterization so when they finally do decide to reset, they’ll have a more solid idea of how to proceed with it. The worst thing they can do is have G defeated in 6, have Rose reset the timeline, and then not explain the presence of Q at all, bringing the game back to the starting roster of II and restarting the story from there.

That’s a recipe for disaster.

Instead, 6 should explore G’s connections with the other characters. Why were Rashid and Menat the first characters in the story to encounter G? How do the characters who are confirmed to have watched his videos react to his presence, those characters being Karin, R. Mika, Zangief, Dhalsim, and Kolin (and Urien, to an extent)? What did Rose see in her apocalyptic vision? Will Oro do anything to help?

These are just a few of the many questions that need to be answered before Capcom pulls off the big reset. However, if you’ve been following me for some time, you’ll know I’ve attempted to answer several of the mysteries behind the President of the World. If the title of this article is any indication, what I’m going to show you is the core of G’s character in a basic primer. Below are several links to some of the articles I’ve written that involve G. I’ve done this before, but there has been a lot more since. You can go back to the first primer here:

While that gives some extra research to G you won’t find anywhere else, and is well worth reading, the links I’ve used in that will also be listed below, just to keep everything organized.
With that being said, here are just some of the details on G I’ve found, with articles on:

The connection between G and Q:

G’s connection to New Orleans:

The symbolism of G, Q, and Necalli:

Clues about G’s true nature in his April Fools Day shoot ’em up game:

An examination of G potentially being a member of the Illuminati:

Determining the creation of Q’s mask and G’s potential connection to the Shadaloo Doll März:

Determining if G is actually Belger from Final Fight:

The story between G and Rose and how G sets up the apocalypse; there are two articles on this:

Trying to figure out what G actually is:

Following the story path from Ibuki’s Glade of Ninjas to Gill’s G Project:

There are more articles involving G in other character’s theories that I haven’t even touched on yet. Ed and Falke have some possible ties, as do E. Honda, T. Hawk, and Sakura. Unlike Bison, Gill, and Seth, who have direct connections to only a few characters while the rest of the cast are just fighting them of their own volition, it seems that a vast majority of characters will be affected by G directly in some way. Whereas Bison, Gill, and Seth are only interested in strong fighters for their own nefarious purposes, G accepts everyone, weak or strong, because he believes in quantity over quality of his soldiers.

The reason? He erases any sense of personality in the people he captures and turns into Qs, then just gives them his powers, turning his Qs into, well, him. These Qs would have little to no semblance of who they were pre-transformation, so even someone considered a weakling like Dan Hibiki would otherwise become a powerful soldier under G’s complete control; basically, G would use other people’s bodies as shells for his own power. He’s like Bison in a way, only instead of possessing a single person’s body directly, he inhabits everyone’s bodies at once and creates a hive mind between them.

Qs appear to serve multiple functions as servants and messengers of the apocalypse. They are first and foremost soldiers and spies. They also do tasks like computer and camera work, if the Qs in the Ring of Galaxy stage are any indication.

The power that G takes from the Qs he transforms also make them something akin to batteries for G. He can feed off of their original energy while replacing it with his own, and if the need arises, he can probably just take that power back to nourish him. What happens to the Q he completely drains of energy is unknown, but if Q’s time out pose in Third Strike is any indication, it likely shuts them down entirely.

There’s so much backstory behind G that Capcom can do pretty much anything with him. My analysis of G over the past few years has led me to the conclusion that he has the deepest story of any character in Street Fighter outside of Cammy and Ibuki, and at some point, all of their paths should cross anyway.

Even if Ryu is destined to land the finishing blow to G, Capcom has opened the opportunity to involve every other character in the series. Even minor characters like Poison, Hugo, Hakan, El Fuerte, Birdie, Rufus, Laura, Sean, Yun, Yang, Makoto, and Dee Jay all have a reason to fight G outside of personal glory: he’s coming for all of them, and he wants to turn them into his personal Q army.

That would give anyone a reason to fight.

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