Reader Testimonials

“If even a portion of Steven’s theories pan out, it’ll be the greatest fighting game story yet.” – Saint Cola

“I’ve always wanted a place to go to for the deepest of deep SF lore. I think we both know that crown is uncontested.” – NinRac, Lead Director, Elemensional Rift

“So, as a fellow writer, I really admire the amount of research and careful thought you put into your theories. People really underestimate the amount of research it takes to be a writer, and it’s very clear that you take the intellectual side of things extremely seriously.” – Eli Horowitz, author of Bodied, the first FGC novel

“I like the deep dive into not only character origins, but the influences behind those origins. Finding out what characters were influenced by is cool to find out.” – Adam R

“I appreciate your passion and dedication to a subject that many people believe too shallow or non-existent. Fighting game lore isn’t respected as much as it should be!” – Emezie

“Fighting game lore has long been one of the most underrated aspects of the genre, so having someone like Steven flawlessly deepdive into the character stories and theories of Street Fighter is truly a breath of fresh air!” – Shaun at