Mane in the Media

These are all of the places where myself, my theories, or my blog have been mentioned.

Retro Gamer:

I was interviewed for an article covering the 35th anniversary of Street Fighter in issue 236 of Retro Gamer magazine.

Event Hubs:

Top Tier:

TV Tropes:

“G’s true identity is the demon Glasya-Labolas, the “President of Hell”, and a far greater evil than the likes of Shadaloo or the Secret Society.”

Street Fighter Website of the Warriors Revival (Blog Spotlight):

Gaming Respawn:

Combo Infinito (Portuguese Language):

TV FGC (YouTube):

Street Fighter Verse (YouTube):

E Mazing Esteemed (TikTok):


E-Mazing Esteemed Episode One: Adon! Check out StevenMane’s blog here!: Music: Proof Of Divinity by Capcom Sound Team

♬ original sound – E Mazing

Top Hat Gaming Man (YouTube):

How Much In Bison Dollars? (YouTube):