About the Author

Steven Mane is a Chicago-based communications specialist and voice talent with a huge love for Street Fighter. When he was a teenager, Steven would write out Street Fighter fan fiction on loose leaf paper, creating entire stories and arcs using both characters from the game and original characters. His in-depth understanding of the characters as well as his naturally analytical mind allows him to predict future plotlines as well as pick up on potential clues, scenarios, and loose threads most gamers would miss.

Steven first demonstrated this skill in 2016, when he produced a theory video on the character Karin Kanzuki. While only receiving a little over a thousand views, this video became popular enough that Capcom referenced it with an Ingrid costume for Karin in Street Fighter V. Two years later, Steven wrote the theory that he would become known for: “The Truth About G and Q?” After being featured on gaming sites Event Hubs and Combo Infinito, Steven continued writing theories. His next big article was on the character Necalli, and was seen around the Twitterverse with more than 10,000 impressions.

The Mane Street Blog was launched in February of 2019, with his original theories (formerly on Twitlonger) added to the site. The Mane Street Blog now has fans in 96 countries, all connected by one thing: a love of Street Fighter lore. Steven continues to write theories regularly and hopes one day either Matthew Patrick of YouTube or Capcom themselves will see his blog and go, “We’d like to hire that guy!”

Along the way, Steven has done voice work for clients such as Farfaria Productions, Kusuru, Winter Wolves Games, and Traplight Games, among others. A lifelong Chicago Cubs and Chicago Bears fan, you can usually find him on Twitter talking about sports or marketing when he isn’t talking about his favorite game series.