About the Author

Called “the world’s foremost expert on Street Fighter lore” by TopTier.gg, Steven Mane is a Chicago-based communications specialist and voice talent who has been featured on sites such as Event Hubs, the aforementioned TopTier.gg, Gaming Respawn, specialty YouTube channels TV FGC and Street Fighter Verse, and can even be seen on TV Tropes. In a few short years, he has been able to change the perspectives of hundreds of people in the FGC by adhering to one underlying idea: Street Fighter has the deepest lore in gaming.

With an in-depth understanding of the series characters and a naturally analytical mind, Steven attempts to predict future plotlines as well as pick up on potential clues, scenarios, and loose threads most gamers would miss. He first demonstrated this skill in 2016, when he produced a lore theory video on the character Karin Kanzuki. In 2018, Capcom referenced this theory with an Ingrid costume for Karin. That same year, Steven wrote the theory that he would become most known for: “The Truth About G and Q?” After being featured on Event Hubs and Combo Infinito, Steven continued to write theories. His next big article was on the character Necalli, and was seen around the Twitterverse with more than 10,000 impressions.

The Mane Street Blog was launched in February of 2019. In 2021, Steven posted his 100th article, “The Street Fighter Gospel of Luke”, which became one of his most widely read articles overnight. With readers coming in from all over the world, from the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada to Brazil, Indonesia, and Japan, Steven has proved to be a genuine World Warrior of lore.

A trained voice actor, Steven has also done work for clients such as Farfaria Productions, Kusuru, Winter Wolves Games, Traplight Games, and radio stations across the midwest. you can find some of his voice credits on the Visual Novel Database at https://vndb.org/s366. Steven is also a proud graduate of Roosevelt University, where he wrote feature stories and student-athlete biographies for the Roosevelt Lakers. A Chicago guy at heart, Steven is a lifelong Cubs and Bears fan.

You can find Steven on Twitter as @StevenManeVox.