Is G a Member of the Secret Society?

I have been holding off on this theory for several reasons. First, I fully believe that everything I’ve written about G is, for the most part, true. I believe he controls people with a handshake. I believe Q is his puppet. I believe that G is in reality a demon from Hell (although, admittedly, the Glasya-Labolas entry was a last second addition; when I saw it, I knew I had to put it in!). Second, the theory I’m about to write seems a bit too obvious to get eyes; a lot of people have already speculated on this. Lastly, and most importantly, I don’t want anyone to think I’m backtracking on my original G theory, as it’s a great theory and the one that led me to do what I’m doing now. It’s also the basis for several of my other theories. If you’ve been a regular reader over these past few months, you may have noticed I’m doing a sort of continuing story (or, in other words, I’ve done a lot of spin-offs).

However, it’s time for me to address the elephants I haven’t faced yet. Is G a puppet himself? Is he controlled by someone else? Does G become Q? More importantly, is G a member of the Secret Society? I will admit that a lot of what you’re reading is taken from things I’ve gleamed off the internet, including Reddit, TV Tropes, Fandom, Event Hubs, and the Shoryuken board. You can find the evidence yourself on those websites, but think of this as compiling the evidence that’s out there to fit this theory.

Let’s start, first of all, with the Secret Society’s master plan, the G File. The first thing you should notice is that it says “G” right in the name, and indicates that G himself is associated with this plan somehow. If you read my previous theory, “The Hidden Evil,” you’ll know that I stated that the G File is a secret project started by the Glade of Ninjas, and which Ibuki is knowingly a part of. You can read about it here:

If we assume that everything I’ve said about the G File in that theory is true, then there are a few things that become apparent.

1) The G File is all about genetics, which fits the Secret Society’s modus operandi if Necro is any indication.

2) The finished product associated with the G File is the “perfected” version of what the Glade came up with.

3) G is the finished product.

In other words, G might be the final result of whatever it was the Secret Society was doing in the first place.

Along with creating him, they would also need to teach him their methods. As for everything G has learned, his wanting to “unify the world” is part of the ideology of the Secret Society. They want the world’s best fighters to be part of their group to bring forth a new utopia. G’s speeches about wanting to bring the word together would then be merely an offshoot of what his creators want. Also, G shares something in common with Gill: they both have two elements in which they control. The Secret Society teaches its disciples forbidden martial arts, including the ability to control the elements. While Gill controls fire and ice, G controls magma and gold; in fact he shares his ability to control metal with Urien.

As for G’s design, he was inspired by both Abraham Lincoln and Uncle Sam, and is as much of an American as you can get for a Japanese game (he’s definitely on par with Guile, but does G’s theme go with everything?) However, one of his influences has been rumored to be connected with Freemasonry, which in real life is believed to have ties with the Illuminati, which Gill’s Secret Society is based off of (and in some sources, named as one and the same). Shockingly, Abraham Lincoln was not a Freemason. Uncle Sam, on the other hand, has been called a real-life Illuminati experiment (by YouTube conspiracy theorists; there was a video made back in 2011, and it’s possible that someone at Capcom was watching those types of videos back in the day and was inspired). Of more tangible evidence, however, is the Freemason’s symbol: a G encircled by a compass and square. The G is mostly identified with geometry, but it can also stand for “Great Architect of the Universe,” or God. G’s name also has multiple connotations, like gold or Gaia. Basically, G’s name is a Masonic reference, which also alludes to his potential Secret Society connections.

If G is a member of the Secret Society, then because of his power and skills in fighting, he would have to be a high-ranking member. Like President. As it turns out, until Gill became Emperor, President was the highest rank the Society could bestow. It is quite possible that G was the president and leader of the Society before Gill usurped his throne. The biggest clue of all that there is a connection between G and Gill only came out a couple of days prior to this post: the April Fools game.

Does that picture look familiar? It should. I used it in my last theory. While I stated I believed that G was transforming you, the player, into a Q, I can’t dismiss the idea that the hand could belong to Gill. While the game was an April Fools’ joke, this piece of art is OFFICIAL, meaning that it might be a huge clue telling us exactly who G is. Also, the game itself is another clue. G is fighting Shadaloo, which is a huge obstacle that the Society wants to get rid of. Who is supposed to be the driving force behind Shadaloo’s destruction? According to Rose’s tarot cards, the Fool, who G represents.

So, all of this is common speculation on the Internet. Nothing too mind-blowing here. However, there’s something else I mentioned earlier I haven’t gotten to until now: the idea that G and Q are the same person. I’ve stated over and over that I believe G controls Q, and doesn’t become him. However, for the sake of this theory, let’s say this is the case. Let’s say G becomes Q. There are two questions to answer: how and why? Both can be answered with one piece of evidence, found here:

“Upon their deaths, the brain of the previous leader is removed and then preserved for future guidance.”

With this, we can draw the conclusion that G died before the events of Street Fighter III: Third Strike. If G is Q, then we can also conclude that the method of preserving his brain was to place it in a robot body – Q’s body. Q’s mask, therefore, isn’t a mask: it’s a shell protecting G’s brain. This explains why there are keyholes in Q’s head in the official art: to insert and potentially remove a brain from the body.

So, if this is what happened, how did G die? We can assume that, because Shadaloo has vanished as of Third Strike, that G successfully took down Shadaloo. However, upon his return, he was faced with the ultimate betrayal: to take power, Gill killed G, had his brain placed in the body of Q to preserve it according to the Society’s customs, and then was given the brand new title of Emperor.

As of this writing, nothing has been confirmed by Capcom (which is a good thing; the longer the mystery lasts, the better), and as I’ve stated, I prefer my idea that G is a demon. However, I can’t overlook the evidence that’s been revealed so far. G is a character with so many questions. We shall wait to see what answers are revealed as time goes on.

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