The Gilded Eyes of Evil

I’ve been pushing the idea that Shadaloo’s Doll Project, the Illuminati’s G Project, whatever the Glade of Ninjas are doing, and whatever G is doing are all connected. There’s a line that leads from one project to another, ending with the creations of Q, Twelve, Necro, and, eventually, Ibuki. However, there is another very curious link that could bring everything full circle, and it has to do with a character who I believe is connected with G and Q:

I’ve pointed out the many links that Necalli has to G and Q in several previous theories. While Necalli has not been shown to have any sort of in-game connection with G or Q, the symbolism that all three represent persists. While Marc Swint, Necalli’s voice actor, has stated that he doesn’t see Necalli coming back to the series any time soon, the idea that Necalli, a once-feared otherworldly fighter, remains canon to the game needs to be taken into account. Basically, Necalli is still out there.

“But wasn’t he blown up by Akuma?” you ask. Yes, he was!

However, there are two things we need to keep in mind:

1) Necalli is essentially made of mud. He has control over every molecule of his body and can tear himself apart and reassemble on a whim. Akuma busting out of his stomach really doesn’t mean much in the long run.

2) Akuma has a lousy track record of murdering people. The number of his canon kills of plot-relevant characters in Street Fighter is one – Goutetsu. The ones he allegedly killed, Gouken and M. Bison, came back, and it’s still questionable that he killed Gen in his own story mode.

In other words, Necalli can always come back. Death isn’t permanent in Street Fighter, and with my theory of G being able to control life and death, it’s more temporary now then its ever been.
As I was doing my research for a new theory, however, I noticed something interesting among certain characters: their eyes. Most of the characters have relatively normal looking eyes, but there’s one color that seems to represent the sinister side of humanity more than any other: yellow.

Q’s and Necalli’s eyes are both yellow, and G’s eyes, while normally purple or blue, glow yellow in one of the marketing posters for Street Fighter V, further pushing his connection with both characters.

However, although yellow is a very rare eye color in Street Fighter, two other major characters share this trait.

The first one should come as no surprise – it’s Decapre.

The mask she wears hides her actual eye color, which was green in Street Fighter IV. Since eye colors change on a constant basis for several characters, this shouldn’t be unexpected. What makes this interesting, though, is that a canon eye color change wouldn’t be out of place for Decapre, considering what has happened to her: her scarred face is covered by a mask that manipulates her and influences her with Psycho Power. Decapre, being a reluctant villainess, is a prime example of someone who is given a power she doesn’t want and is being controlled by it.

Decapre and Q are pretty much the same in this respect, and as I’ve pointed out before, it’s not hard to see that the processes that created Decapre could be the same ones that created Q. The only differences are their genders and fighting styles – Decapre is quick and agile whereas Q is strong and durable. Since the Doll Project appears to have been the original version of whatever project made Q, it wouldn’t be much of a surprise to see them being the exact same experiment, with slightly different methodologies.

The second character, however, is a bit more questionable. She doesn’t appear to be part of an experiment and is actually a force for good. That being said, she does wield a power that allows her to be the perfect fighter she wants to be.

You may be asking yourself, “Wait, Karin? Her eyes are brown, not yellow.” I said the same thing when I first looked at her. However, I conducted a quick color test using Paint 3D. I selected two different screenshots of Karin, chose what appeared to be both the brightest sections of her irises and the least affected by atmospheric shading, and discovered something interesting.

Her eyes appear to be in the same spectrum as both Necalli’s and Decapre’s.

“These look pretty divergent,” you say. I admit these results are extremely imprecise. There’s a number of factors that lead to such wild-looking results, including the aforementioned atmospheric shading, the quality of each of the screenshots, the angles of the characters, and so forth. It’s impossible for me and my limited technical skills to discover the exact colors of their eyes. That being said, what is important is that, at least appearance-wise, that each one represents the color yellow in some way.

Or rather, I should say, the color gold.

“Yellow and gold are not the same color!” you insist. As Wikipedia states, “The American Heritage Dictionary defines the color metallic gold as “A light olive-brown to dark yellow, or a moderate, strong to vivid yellow.”

In other words, gold is simply a darker version of yellow. Decapre, Necalli, and Karin all have different shades of yellow eyes, and that’s what I mean by saying they’re in the same spectrum. And to be fair, any character with eyes in this golden range, like those with light brown eyes, could fall within the category of having “sinister yellow eyes” as long as the person gives off a supernatural aura or has an otherworldly persona. G, Q, Necalli and Decapre all have this. So, does Karin?

Yes. Look at this passage from Part 2 of the Shadaloo C.R.I. side reader “Queen’s Resort”:
“She felt her righteous power unfold from her like angel wings, oft-folded but always yearning to soar.

But the moment collapsed as someone gasped in surprise. Karin opened her eyes to find a fiery glow of power fading around her as she let her concentration dissipate.”

This seems to indicate that Karin has some sort of angelic power within her that is visible to those around her, and is distinct from the display of power seen when activating gameplay mechanics like Critical Arts when playing Street Fighter V.

What kind of power is it? That has yet to be answered, although if you’ve somehow been following me since 2016, you’ll know that my very first theory was on Karin and, at this point, questionably canonical character Ingrid being the same person. Ingrid has an enigmatic power of her own.

So what exactly are we looking at here? Five characters, all with golden eyes. All have served or will serve in an antagonistic role at some point (Karin was really only antagonistic to Sakura and now they’re friends). Is there some darker connection or shared power between them that’s just really hard to see now? Will Karin end up becoming a villainess like Decapre? Will Necalli come back to make everything clearer?

There are a lot of questions that will need to be answered in the next game. For now though, perhaps the best thing to do is simply wonder where the game can go now.

That alone is quite the project.

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