Jaguar Avalanche

The well of new information for Street Fighter theories seems to have dried up. Luke’s “reveal” actually didn’t reveal anything, and without any new lore coming in, I have to rely on the information that is there, much of it I’ve covered in past theories. There are characters I haven’t been able to do a theory on, like El Fuerte, Hugo, and Rufus, and there are characters I could only really use to expand other characters’ theories, like Abel, Gen, Yun, and Yang. Cammy and Makoto are interesting cases because I’ve used them in the same theory to build off of each other, then used Cammy in a Shadaloo Dolls theory, but didn’t use Makoto for anything else.
That’s just the way these articles go. These characters are all likeable and a part of Street Fighter lore, but with the exception of Cammy, there just isn’t a whole lot of information there to theorize off of. I theorized that Makoto may be the strongest female character in the series, but outside of that, there’s not much to really say about her since so little has been offered on her character. We know her father died, so if I did another theory on Makoto, it should be pretty obvious who’s going to be involved.

G is the ultimate character for lore in Street Fighter. He is the wild card that you could include with nearly anyone and their story would make sense. Chun-Li, Dan, Luke, Juri and Makoto? Their parents are dead; he resurrects them and turns them into Qs. Cammy? The return of März, who made a deal with G. Ryu? Fight between the two to save the world. Ken? Ken’s already been compromised by G. Bison? He comes back to try to absorb G’s power. Elena? She’s already “one with Earth”. In fact, it’s harder to name a character who wouldn’t be influenced by G’s presence, especially considering he apparently seeks to end both the world and the universe.

So, we need to ask a different question regarding G: is there anyone on the Street Fighter roster who can fight G without the fight becoming personal? This happened many times with Bison, but G is headed in a different direction – he wants to convert everyone into Qs. Even characters like Hugo, Poison, and Rufus would have a personal stake since they’d be the ones being changed into hive-mind robots.

Now, it could be argued that everyone had a personal stake wth Bison because he would convert them into guinea pigs, which can be seen if you lose to Bison in Alpha 3.

There’s just one difference: Bison would have eventually granted the person death. With G, there’s a fate worse than death awaiting them – eternal servitude. Qs must forever cater to G’s demands. Some may have the ability to fight off G’s control, but not for long periods of time. In other words, once you become a Q, there’s no escape, not even in death.

It’s a chilling idea to think about, but for lore buffs like me, it really adds something new to the story of Street Fighter. G is a character who wants you to be with him forever, literally, and he won’t take no for an answer. Everyone in Street Fighter will eventually face the concept of Q transformation. Some will be more successful at dodging it than others, but G will not give up until he gets everyone into a mask.

All of this means we need to ask another question: who does G’s presence affect the LEAST? There are a few characters we can analyze for answers. Rufus is pretty out of the loop. He focuses on two things: Ken and his girlfriend, Candy. However, if Ken ends up being transformed into a Q, even Rufus wouldn’t be so stupid as to forgive G for taking his personal, one-sided fight away from him. El Fuerte loves Zangief and Rainbow Mika, both of who appeared in G’s story mode, and if G transforms either or both of the wrestlers, El Fuerte would have a personal grudge. The same goes with T. Hawk, El Fuerte’s fellow countryman. G transforming Seth, any of the Dolls, or any members of Neo Shadaloo would incur Abel’s wrath. Even Hugo, Poison, Abigail, and any other member of Mad Gear would have a reason to fight G – he’s likely the reason Mad Gear is rallying together again to begin with!

So, who’s left? Who would be the person affected the least by G’s presence? The answer may not surprise you.

Adon is likely the character who would be affected by G the least. The main reason is that if Sagat or Akuma, the two people he’s been the most involved with, were transformed into Qs, he wouldn’t care. He already thinks of Sagat as lowly and, though he seems to have stopped his pursuit of the Satsui no Hado entirely as of Street Fighter IV, if Akuma were transformed, he’d want to seek out the power that defeated the power he’s been searching for.

Basically, he’d do what Bison would do and covet G’s power instead. However, Bison still has much broader plans – he wants to corrupt the world. Adon just wants to be king of Muay Thai. Quite simply, even if Adon beat G, he wouldn’t do much with the power he gained.

I have a few readers who are fans of Adon, and love him despite him being a rather minor character in the story of Street Fighter. With that being said, and because Adon was one of the original characters in Street Fighter, appearing in the very first game, it’s time to answer one very simple question: how do you give Adon a bigger role in the story?

Adon’s story at this point just seems played out. His feud with Sagat is pretty much over, with Sagat preferring to live a peaceful life in a mountain village in Thailand, and even though he has an interest in the Satsui no Hado, as stated earlier, he doesn’t seem to care about it anymore. So what do you do with him?

As I looked at Adon’s background, I discovered something interesting: his story wasn’t completely unique to him. He grew up admiring someone he felt a personal bond to and was eventually taken under their wing. He soon sought to usurp the power that person had and replace them completely. Does that sound identical to the story of someone else we know?

Urien’s story is nearly the same as Adon’s. The only differences are that Adon was born poor while Urien was born to Illuminati members and that Sagat treated Adon like family while Urien and Gill WERE family. They have been through similar experiences, are sociopaths with massive egos, and will do anything to get their way.

The easy fix here is for Adon to associate with the Illuminati and team up with Urien.
The only issue here is that they have no real connection outside of their shared motivation. Plus, both are so egocentric, they would more likely try to kill each other than work together on anything. What would force them to cooperate, then?

Something admittedly pretty complicated.

Adon’s interest in the Satsui no Hado, while pushed aside to focus on his feud with Sagat, would have a role to play here. Instead of facing Akuma, who remains elusive as ever, there’s another character connected to the Satsui no Hado who would likely come to him.

Necalli, who is, by all accounts, the Satsui no Hado at its most primal form, would have the power Adon is seeking. By encountering and fighting Necalli, whether or not Adon wins, he will be able to provide something Urien needs: information. Why would Urien need information on Necalli? To perfect the project he’s working on – Twelve, who functions in a similar way to Necalli. Both are malleable beings carrying out the will of others who have the capability to transform into other people, Necalli through eating them and Twelve by using its Super Art X.C.O.P.Y.

In other words, Necalli and Twelve are almost exactly the same.

This brings up some interesting possibilities for the future, especially with how they could possibly tie-in with G. However, this scenario gives Adon the best chance of being relevant to the ongoing plot. By having Adon work for the Illuminati, there are a number of things that can happen, but it gives several characters a reason to be in the story at all.

That would be Adon’s big reveal.

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