The Base Story of Street Fighter 6?

Capcom finally released a new trailer for Street Fighter 6, and it already looks to have surpassed everyone’s expectations. For the very first time, we’re getting what amounts to be an open world Street Fighter game, and we’ll have the chance to fully explore Metro City and possibly other areas as the game progresses. Along with this, Chun-Li has been revealed to be in the game, as well as two new characters: Jamie, a drunken master/capoeira-style character who looks up to Yun and Yang, and Kimberly, who we won’t see more of until later, but is who many people are guessing to be a ninja.

What we do see in the trailer, however, gives us more than just a few character reveals. It tells us what might be going on in Street Fighter 5’s story, and it all starts with the opening shot.

Immediately, we’re thrust into the world of Metro City, and one of the first prominent advertising signs of the many we see throughout the game tells us a lot.

The Illuminati is no longer a shadow organization, but is actively and openly trying to recuit people to their version of “Paradise”. The sign includes imagery and word-for-word text from Yun’s ending in Street Fighter III: Third Strike.

In the same scene, we see another, rather innocuous sign for a type of wireless headphones called Best Bespoke Beats. It’s a very striking sign, but you need to look a little more carefully to see something that makes it a lot more sinister.

Does that look like a G to anyone else?

Is it possible that these particular headphones transmit the actual voice of G to the people who wear them? If the Illuminati wants to bombard Metro City with visuals, it would make sense that G, their destined opponent, would do the same with audio. Considering his power seems to come from people listening to his words, he could have used his, by this time, worldwide brand to make several audio devices that would force his listeners to hear him and, by doing so, be controlled by him.

Is this a plausible hypothesis? Yes! As you can see in Shockdingo’s recently uploaded YouTube video, Shocking Thoughts: The State of #StreetFighter6, branding is all over Metro City that alludes to many Street Fighter characters, including Hakan, Zeku, and Ken. G would only be doing what literally everyone else is doing.

There’s something else in this video, however, which relates to G. We get to see several Final Fight characters in cameos, the most prominent being Damnd from the Final Fight series.

As you can tell from the jacket Damnd is wearing, it appears that the Mad Gear Gang has had something of a resurrection, and appear to be one of the main antagonists of the game. Of course, the most prominent thing is that it appears many members of the Mad Gear gang have taken to wearing boxes on their heads.

I don’t think I need to tell you they’re trying to emulate Q, who also appears to make a cameo in the trailer as well!

However, as Shockdingo pointed out, there’s something else Damnd has that points to G being an influence on the Mad Gear Gang. Take a look at the front of his jacket.

He calls himself President, much like G calls himself President.

Why would the gang want to emulate G and Q? Well, I have two theories on this. The first is that Mad Gear wants to capitalize on their notoriety. The second, that G is running Mad Gear. Either way, the thugs that you will end up fighting simply don’t have the respect or finances for half-way decent Q costumes, and are pretty much stuck wearing regular boxes on their heads instead of intricate masks.

In fact, I brought up how another former Mad Gear member would have gone through a similar financial situation, but was facing completely different circumstances. Poison had it pretty rough growing up.

However, so did Ryu, who now seems to be carrying on as Oro’s student.

It’s pretty obvious that he’s wearing Oro’s tunic, so after defeating the Satsui no Hado inside of him, it’s only natural that he’d study under one of the most powerful characters in the lore.
There really isn’t much else to say here, and that should have been the end of this article.

However, the entire base roster leaked out, and it’s legitimate. Since Capcom has taken the liberty of putting up DCMA strikes to anyone who dares post the leak, I won’t post the pictures of either the character roster or the SF6 characters I will be talking about. However, there are a couple of them I do want to go over nonetheless.

The first is A.K.I, who is stated to be a Chinese assassin with long fingers and works with poison. It’s pretty clear to me who she is.

This is Phantom from the side reader Toxicity. She has studied under F.A.N.G and has become his protégé. It isn’t entirely clear what Capcom will do with her, but it appears she will help her mentor try to revive Shadaloo and Bison, meaning we will likely see Bison return at some point.
It’s the second character I’m more interested in, however: a Russian man of means who goes by the name of JP. Just by his look and initials, he already appears to have some sort of connection to G. Moreso, he not only shares his initials with famed 19th and 20th century banker J.P. Morgan, but he also seems to run his own group, which has not been revealed yet.

By what little we’ve seen of him, and based on this information alone, it looks like he’s G’s financier. He is the one who funds the President of the World. He’s the one who at least partially funded G’s Ring of Galaxy satellite. He is as responsible for Q as G is.

And he is likely the first boss of the entire game. But he won’t be the last.

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