The Ultimate Purpose of Necalli

Despite being a canon punching bag for every character in Street Fighter so far, Necalli remains one of the biggest mysteries in the game. We know his design is based on Aztec mythology, that he shows up once every few hundred years, and he likes to eat people (officially their souls, but the way he eats them means he consumes their bodies as well).

Other than that, there isn’t really much else on Necalli that is set in stone outside of certain personality aspects that Capcom has revealed in his CRI profile. Fortunately, this may be all we need to determine once and for all what Necalli is, what his motivations are, and what he means to the bigger story of Street Fighter.

As I’ve previously determined based on in-game evidence, Necalli appears to be destined to devour Bison and complete a prophecy as determined by the Warrior Prophet, who he has already devoured. The prophecy is as follows:

“Once every few hundred years, stars herald “The Hour of the Battle”, and Necalli walks this plane. Necalli wields an unearthly power, in order to devour the souls of strong warriors. When the next “Hour of the Battle” comes, many warriors will nourish him to his satiety.

The first of these warriors agonizes to proceed on his path. Inside him the red power burns at his soul. When the man who agonizes along his path devotes himself to the battle, the red power will be awakened.

The next warrior is the one who serves the god of fire. But even the god’s fire will not be able to stop Necalli. All warriors will find themselves unable to avoid the fate of Necalli.

The next warrior to fall is the one who fills the world with destruction. The force of absolute destruction will clash against the force determined to consume everything.”

I’ve pointed out before that the prophecy clearly points to three people: Ryu, Dhalsim, and Bison, but only Bison fits the criteria for all three: he controls a red power, he worships a god of fire – himself, and he wishes to fill the world with destruction so he can conquer it.

This seemed to be a pretty cut and paste theory, except for two things. The first is that Bison WANTS to be consumed so he can take over Necalli’s body. Bison’s goal in the first place is to possess a body that can withstand his Psycho Power, and Necalli’s hollow mud exterior combined with his constant hunger would allow Bison plenty of room to store it.

The second is the ultimate wild card, and the biggest mystery of all. Yep, it’s this guy:

In fact, as I was writing the first Necalli theory, I did everything I could NOT to get G involved, knowing somewhere down the line there would be a theory where I’d have to use both characters and point out their many, many connections. This is that theory.

Yes, I did mention their connected symbolism before in “G, Q, and Necalli – Connections and Symbolism”, but it was less a theory and more of an examination of the characters. This will be a true theory, and one I have dreaded writing because there’s so much there. However, I’ve written theories before that have taken literal days to finish, so I’m no stranger to the grind.

In fact, my longest theory takes about 12 minutes to read and took several days to complete. It was also on Necalli, and sure enough, I will also be using some information from that one as well.

So, let’s start from the beginning, all the way back to the Aztecs, and determine what may be there that can help us understand the relationship between G and Necalli.

As was already made clear in previous theories, Necalli is based off of the Aztec god Huitzilopochtli, and shares many similarities with the tzitzimitl, female demons that appear during eclipses to eat people. I also stated that Necalli is under the influence of the goddess Itzpapalotl, and while this may be true, there is something pertaining to this goddess I will have to address in a future theory – the butterflies that appear throughout the game. So for now, let’s take Itzpapalotl out of the equation and focus on other symbols we can use.

As I pointed out in “Connections and Symbolism”, G has elements of the trickster god Huehuecoyotl as well as Huehueteotl, a “deity that is celebrated in the last month of the Mexica calendar, as a ritual of old permitting the new to enter.” In other words, from these two gods, G takes the concept of being a trickster who wishes to usher in a new age, and as I stated in “Connections and Symbolism”, this new age involves a physical manipulation of the Earth, to literally bring together the Earth’s continents to recreate Pangaea.

He does this by turning people into Qs. By shaking the hands of people, he turns them into his slaves. I’ve addressed his methodologies before, and most of the information I’ve written on those methodologies can be found here:

More so, G himself is an energy vampire who can drain people, and the earth, of their power and use it for his own ends. I mention this in “The Truth About Sakura Kasugano?”

Interestingly enough, while G is a drainer of energy, he can apparently take energy from people his Q slaves have interacted with, since Qs seem to have the ability to control people like G does. Basically, Qs can touch other people and turn them into Qs as well, giving the energy to their controller.

Canonically, this power actually belongs to someone else: Necalli. As his character guide states: “He’s constantly surrounded by a noxious gas that pollutes the souls of whatever it comes into contact [with]. Once that happens, the infected people become like Necalli and seek the souls of other strong fighters.”

This is nearly identical to the power I’ve speculated that G has. They both have the ability to control people. However, there’s something else here that establishes a Q connection for Necalli. Fandom states it as him having a dislike for man-made things. Necalli’s character guide, on the other hand, is more specific – Necalli doesn’t like robots.

In other words, he likely wouldn’t like this guy very much:

I thought this was a curious connection, but there is another possible connection I find a little more interesting. Huitzilopochtli is one of four primary Aztec gods, and is the brother of the god Quetzalcoatl, who based on name alone, is connected to Q. How can I prove this? A 1982 movie featuring the winged serpent god himself. Its name?

“This proves nothing,” you say. See, I’d say that too, if Street Fighter wasn’t inspired by pop culture. In “The Truth About Ryu’s Parents”, I stated that several stages were based on real life locations around the world.

However, there were stages that were also based on a particular movie: Hard Times, featuring actor Charles Bronson.

Let’s also not forget that Ken’s Theme is based off of a song from the movie Top Gun: Mighty Wings by Cheap Trick.

Last but not least, Rose is based on the Italian actress Monica Bellucci, as well as Lisa Lisa from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. In other words, the developers at Capcom seem to watch a lot of movies.

“Ok…,” you say. “That’s fair, but the connections to Necalli are kind of weak.” Yep. That’s where G comes back in. See, Quetzalcoatl also has a brother, named Xolotl, who also happens to be his twin. If you’ve been paying attention to SFV, G borrows a LOT of moves from Q, but makes them flashier, making people speculate that G and Q are the same person. As I’ve stated, the evidence points to G controlling Q, making Q a sort of depowered twin (or they could even be brothers, although all signs seem to point to G being alone). Further more, as I stated in the past, if G also happens to be some form of the demon Glasya-Labolas, he shares something else in common with Xolotl: they both have canine forms.

“Interesting,” you say. “But you still didn’t-” I know. This is because the lore goes through G. Everything goes through G now. He is connected to nearly everyone, if not everyone. The only other person I’ve found with a deeper connection to the lore is Ibuki, and yes, even she’s connected to G.

The major connection that Necalli has with G, though, are their connections to the earth. Whereas G talks about the earth and states that he gets his power from it, Necalli is very naturistic, with his dislike for man-made things and his own powers like animal possession. Since both are representative of the earth, they have a unique bond, but there is another more direct connection: they both use the earth in their attacks. G uses G Impact. Necalli uses Mask of Tlalli. The G means Gaia. The word Tlalli? It’s Nahuatl for Earth.

So, what does this mean? It means there’s a relationship between G, Q, and Necalli. What is the nature of this relationship? If we assume that G is controlling Q based on the evidence that is there, could it mean that G is ALSO controlling Necalli?

Oh, yeah. And there’s evidence that all but proves it. First, we also have to assume that what I’ve said about Marz in the past is also true: that G ended up recruiting her after her fall in the Shadaloo base.

Based on what I’ve speculated about G’s powers, Marz would become a mindless zombie after shaking G’s hand. The issue, though, is that if Marz is the creator of the Q mask, she would likely need all of her faculties to be able to produce it. It’s possible then that Marz accepted G’s offer to work for him without having her life drained. This means that Necalli could have the same relationship with G – Necalli works for him. It could also explain Necalli’s dislike of robots; he fears G’s power of turning people into robots, or Qs.

If Necalli does indeed work for G, then his title of “Emissary of the Gods” means one thing: Necalli serves G, who is indeed a god or godlike. I’ve stated in “Getepe and the Seven Sisters” that Necalli serves a group of gods who together are known as Getepe. Getepe is a reference to a Brazilian space counsel, the Grupo Executivo de Trabalho e Estudos de Projetos Espaciais, or, translated into English, the Executive Group for Space Studies and Projects, formed in 1966 and who were the predecessors of Brazil’s current space program, the Instituto de Aeronáutica e Espaço (IAE), or the Institute of Aeronautics and Space. For this theory, if we assume that Necalli only works for one god, then it is clear who G is.

G is Getepe. G is who Necalli calls out to for power.

If this is true, then we can also assume one other thing. Necalli’s character guide indicates that he may have some sort of relationship with the Satsui no Hado. If this is true, then it’s safe to say that G ALSO has a relationship with the Satsui no Hado. In fact, he may even use it.

First, look at G’s Pangaea Burst.

Now look at someone with a similar attack, the master of Satsui himself, Akuma:

Both characters produce fire that comes from the ground, but whereas Akuma has to use his entire body to generate the attack, G merely has to shrug his arms and point. If G uses Satsui, he has perfected it, and can use its power to consume to take over others.

There is a hint to G’s nature in G’s win quote to Akuma: “You seek strength? Well, here I am! The embodiment of power! President of the World!” Akuma seeks strength using the Satsui no Hado, and another person who potentially wields it would serve Akuma’s personal interests. It would stand to reason then that G, who already knows who Gill is, would also know who Akuma is, and could coax him into a fight knowing what he wants. Whereas Akuma would want to fight G to the death, G would want to control Akuma.

Finally, there is a rumor that G could be a Freemason. Without any real proof to go on outside of G’s design, there isn’t really much to speculate about here. However, let’s say it’s true, and the whole theme for Street Fighter in the future will be Freemasons versus Illuminati.

First of all, shut up and take my money.

Second of all, it would be very interesting to see the Freemasons represented by a group who isn’t free. They wouldn’t be Freemasons, then.

They’d be G-Masons.

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