Getting The Monkey Off My Back

With the fifth, and final, season of Street Fighter V now confirmed, speculation can begin on who the final characters in the game will be. I am personally hoping for any character who can advance G’s story, and I’d love to see Rose’s reaction to her pupil, Menat, losing to the man she saw as The Fool. I’d also love to see Viper investigating Q, who would also be a fantastic character addition to the roster, and would confirm my theory that G and Q are two different characters.

However, there is one character that hasn’t been made playable that everyone wants to see. This character could potentially have connections to the President of the World (because at this point, EVERYONE has connections to G) and has as much mystery as the original Man of Mystery.

I’m talking, of course, about the gorilla

We know next to nothing about this character. We know the gorilla has a connection to Ed, Falke, and Neo Shadaloo, and that’s literally it. This one frame is all we have seen of Street Fighter’s Harambe, and there just doesn’t seem to be any other information in game on it.

At least, that’s what it seems at first. However, there are images online of concept art for Neo Shadaloo characters, and when you take these images into account, we can speculate where Capcom wants to take the popular ape.

For this theory to work, though, we need to assume that another theory is, at least partially, true, a theory that belongs to someone else. One of the most polarizing figures in the FGC goes by the handle X-Kira, and when one of my readers reached out to me back in November of 2019 to tell me what was told to him, I reached out to X-Kira to confirm that the following was what he claimed to have found while datamining.

X-Kira believed that there was another character who would be implemented in the game, a female character named D. She would have a connection to both G and Q because she would be the one controlling them both, or as he put it, she is “the girl who controls the world”. According to X-Kira, he believed the three characters were symbols of three different elements: G, for gold, Q, for oil, and D, for diamonds. As X-Kira told me, Q was O in the Phoenician alphabet, so if you put the three letters of their names together, you get the word GQD, or GOD.

This was an absolutely fascinating theory, and I do believe he’s right about certain aspects (he did say that Seth was going to be a girl, and while he hasn’t always been right, he did get that one). That being said, I don’t think this is quite what Capcom had in mind, or at least its not what they’re going to do with it. The presence of the gorilla in Ed’s story tells me they did something far more interesting.

I have reason to believe that the gorilla is D.

Looking at the concept art of the gorilla (which I found on Reddit here:, we see the gorilla has a girl perched on its shoulder.

It seems that the gorilla is the girl’s protector and wants to make sure no harm comes to her. However, the design of the gorilla seems to have been combined with another character – that of one code-named Double Man.

Based on a translation I found on GameFAQS (which I won’t link here – you can Google it), Double Man apparently has the ability to shapeshift. We don’t see Double Man in the game, but we do see something else. Look at the gorilla and Double Man side by side.

They have identical costumes. If we assume that Capcom combined these designs into one character, we can also assume the gorilla has Double Man’s shapeshifting power. In other words, the gorilla is a shapeshifter. The original form of the gorilla?

The girl can transform into the gorilla.

“Ok,” you say. “So what about the other stuff?” See, this is what I think X-Kira has correct: diamonds ARE involved, just probably not in the way he’s thinking. The gorilla may have diamond powers, but the only clue to this is the gorilla’s eyes, whch glow a deep blue. There’s a more direct connection, though, that falls into wordplay.

The word for diamond is spelled multiple ways in Japanese, one of which is 金剛石, or jingangshi. These are the same characters in Chinese that are used for the name of one of the most famous characters in movie history.

A character that will be fighting one of Japan’s greatest icons later this year.

The character that will be fighting Godzilla is also a gorilla.

A diamond-powered gorilla would be a Japanese pun on King Kong.

So, we have all of these clues, but let’s say Capcom axes the “girl who can shapeshift into a diamond-powered gorilla” story and instead makes the ape a standalone character. What then? Well, the girl would still be involved.

There is yet another character, code-named Mizaru, whose concept art you can find on Fandom with concept art of other members of Neo Shadaloo.

The name Mizaru comes from the Japanese concept of the Three Wise Monkeys. Mizaru is the monkey who personifies “see no evil”.

While the original design was for the “Mizaru” Street Fighter character to have a monkey disguise his face, this is obviously completely impractical. However, what if the concept was changed back to the idea of a monkey who could see no evil, or in this case, a gorilla?

There’s a chance that this concept was what was put into practice. Since the gorilla sees no evil, it could be protecting a person they have no idea is – the girl. Either way, this ties back into the idea that the girl is D, and completes the trinity of mystery.

I’m not saying anything here is right or wrong. I am saying that the evidence, however circumstantial, is there. There is one final thing to consider, though. There has been an image of G that has been circulating which has been turned into a “Deepest Lore” meme.

As you can see, G’s pointing is the same gesture as the one used for the letter G in American Sign Language. However, it doesn’t end there. Look at the signs for Q and D as well.

The sign for Q is a finger pointing down, and the sign for D is a finger pointing up. If we look at this from a character perspective, we see that Q is the fallen man, G is the one in the middle, and D is the girl above it all.

Deepest lore, indeed.

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