Who is Q?

Season 4 of Street Fighter V is setting up to be the most promising one yet. Talk of a new cinematic story mode, new characters on the horizon, and new updates. In the meantime, it seems that one of Street Fighter’s biggest mysteries has been solved in the creation of G:

Who is Q?

At the time of this writing, nothing has been confirmed yet, but the consensus among fans is that G becomes Q. As I have stated previously, I believe G CONTROLS Q; he does not turn into him. So, if G is not Q, then who is Q? There’s only one possible answer, and it’s someone who is admittedly kind of obvious based on the in-game evidence.

There are a few qualities about Q that we need to examine. First, Q is almost unquestionably male, due to his physical stature and voice in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike. So we can eliminate every female character in the game (G’s concept art revealed that there are likely female Q’s, and they would be smaller and slimmer than male ones). Second, he has no skeleton. Almost every character in the main series of the game has a skeleton except for Q and Necalli.

So, Q is Necalli? Unfortunately, no, because there is one other defining trait about Q that contradicts the idea of Necalli being Q: Q has blond hair.

So the answer is… no one? Q is his own lore-contained character? The answer… is no.

Q IS someone in the main canon. Q HAS appeared in other games. Q WAS ALREADY a playable character.

So I ask again: who is Q?




And the in-game evidence lines up!!!! Aside from the fact he’s a blond male, there’s also his personality. In Street Fighter 5, Nash swings back and forth between caring for his friends and threatening to kill them at the drop of a hat. Q does the exact same thing in his win poses in 3rd Strike, alternately crying and stomping on people’s heads. Also, Q’s ending in 3rd Strike shows Q running through CIA’s headquarters, and who better than a US Special Forces agent who has worked with Interpol to work their way around it (except for actual CIA agent Crimson Viper, but that’s a theory for a different day. *wink*).

But there’s one other piece of evidence: Nash no longer has a skeleton. His body was vaporized trying to absorb Bison’s powers in the Cinematic Story Mode. All that’s left is his soul, and if my previous theory on G (which I will repost on my Twitter) is any indication, G has the ability to resurrect dead souls through his knowledge of voodoo. So, he can merely put Nash in a new body and control his actions. (I could also state that since Eleven was a prototype of Twelve, and Eleven has the same copy abilities, if there are any of Eleven’s cells remaining, G could just use those to copy whatever powers he himself has and just give them to Nash; again, this is a theory for another day).

The evidence is there. Q is Nash.

And I’ll stick by this theory until Capcom throws the inevitable monkey wrench into its gears.

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