The Terrifying Truth About Necro?

In my last theory, I went over genetics and how Elena likely has a rare condition which causes her to look far different than others in her family. However, her condition wasn’t caused by external forces as the subject of this theory’s is. Necro (real name Illia) is an Illuminati project put through brutal experimentation that caused him to mutate into a creature able to stretch his limbs and skin and control electricity. In the context of the game, these powers are nothing out of the ordinary. Dhalsim stretches with the power of yoga, and both Blanka and Laura control electricity. However, Necro is an interesting case, since his abilities were forced on him, and this brings up an interesting scenario. The abilities that the other three characters have can not be obtained in real life the way they got them. Necro, on the other hand, is a case of art imitating life.

In other words, Necro can exist in real life, and the most interesting part of all is that he already does.

Ehlers-Danlos syndrome is a condition that provides hyper-flexibility to its sufferer at the risk of a lower life expectancy (usually due to fatal internal ruptures). You can find more about the condition and its various forms here:–Danlos_syndromes

In this case, it’s Necro’s ability to stretch that allows him to exist in real life. Meet Gary Turner:

Gary Turner is a sideshow performer who holds the Guinness World Record for the world’s stretchiest skin. He can pull the skin on his abdomen up to 6 inches straight out, and can also stretch any part of skin on his body to insane lengths as well. Unlike Dhalsim, who can only stretch his limbs, Necro has the ability to do this as well.

It also helps that much like Turner, Necro has an upbeat, quirky personality. Neither one’s conditions affect their optimism, and both have made the most of what they had.

So yes, Necro actually exists. However, this isn’t where this theory ends. Again, Necro’s abilities were implanted into his being through genetic experimentations, and his ability to stretch was caused by what’s seen here:

Necro’s bones are segmented, allowing him to contort his body any way he wants. This would seem like an impossibility in real life as it would cause his bones to be unstable and literally paralyze and/or kill him. However, there is a new piece of medical technology that could one day allow this to happen:

As stated in the video, DNA hydrogel is a substance made entirely out of long strands of DNA. It has the ability to remember its shape if it is taken out of, and then re-immersed in water. This would be the perfect filler between the segments of bones in Necro’s body. Since it is made completely of DNA, and the DNA would most likely come from Necro’s own blood, rejection of the hydrogel would be non-existent, and it would fuse naturally with the bones in his body to give his body the stability it needs to be able to function.

However, there’s even more to hydrogel than the ability to stretch and collapse. It also has the power to conduct electricity. Scientists working on hydrogel inspired by the electric eel have discovered a method to generate a 110 volt current by using origami folding techniques on hydrogel paper. Watch this video to the end:

It’s been suggested that Necro likely has been infused with the properties of octopi and rubber, as seen in his stage in 2nd Impact. It’s true that gene splicing would allow this to happen, as human-animal hybrids have already been created. However, with DNA hydrogel, gene splicing isn’t even needed! Everything they would need to create Necro is right there in one terrifying, tiny package.

The use of DNA is the Illuminati’s secret weapon. However, we should have known this all along. Gill, the final boss of 3rd Strike, openly tells us this: “The mark of my dignity shall scar thy DNA.” He means this in the most literal of terms.

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