The Future of Ed and Falke

I admit it. I did not think anything was there. After researching their quotes and their stories, everything seemed to come up empty. Then it happened: I found the break I was looking for.

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to Ed and Falke.

Yep. That’s them. It was something I’ve been thinking about for a long time, and now I can finally expand on my thinking.

As I’ve said many times previously, G wants to reshape the world in his image. He has the power to hypnotize people and control their every movement, and unfortunately for Ed and Falke, they will become his victims.

Admittedly, there is NOTHING in anyone’s quotes or stories having ANYTHING to do with following G or them getting captured or them having any kind of connection at all, so how can I be so sure of this? Because there’s a clue hiding in plain sight, one so subtle you wouldn’t even think that Capcom would be capable of it. After following the links, I can tell you: they’re smarter than you think they are.

We have to get into some history first. Back in World War II, Japan was part of the Axis powers with Germany and Italy. The countries treated each other with the utmost respect, and to this day, the Japanese have a highly favorable view of Germans. A 2012 poll by the Bertelsmann Foundation showed that 97% of Japanese people viewed Germans in a positive light, and there are strong German influences in their pop culture; everything from anime to video games to books to memorabilia. Needless to say, it was only a matter of time before Street Fighter got a German character, and Falke does seem to be that character representation of Germany.

Except she isn’t. And her nationality officially being “unknown” is the first clue.

They gave her a bunch of German attack names (Psycho Schot, Psycho Angriff, etc.), but there was only one with a name rooted in Italian: Psycho Trombe. This is the clue. Why would they give every other attack a German name but this? (For the record, if there is a German meaning of “trombe”, please let me know as I looked and looked and couldn’t find anything; plus, it doesn’t affect the rest of this theory). I Google translated the word “trombe”, and it was deciphered in English as “trumpets.”

“Ok,” I thought. “So, that little spin move she does with her bo is a trombe. Like they do in marching bands. Cause trumpets are in marching bands?” Maybe, but it makes no sense. Falke isn’t really a preppy type. Plus, it actually protects her from any projectiles that come her way. In any case, it’s an all around odd name choice. Trumpets?

Then a thought occurred: what if this is a metaphor? Falke’s attack names all have either something to do with weaponry or feathers. I saw a pattern emerging. Falke was the “guardian hawk.” The “guardian”. The Jerichoan wall I had encountered was falling.

Trumpets? Feathers? Guardian? Was Falke… an angel?

I dug deeper into my research, and finally found the answer: she and Ed are more than angels (and more than clones) – they’re gods.

In my very first speculation video regarding Karin and Ingrid, I dove into Nordic mythology, talking about the goddess Freyja and her association with both of the characters. So why am I bringing this up? Simple: German symbolism is based on Nordic¬†culture. So, in Falke’s case, she isn’t German: she’s Nordic. You’re about to see why that matters.

Falke’s name in German is “Falcon,” which honestly seems like a weird name to give a character. However, now that we’ve established she’s Nordic, the symbolism grows, because falcons are associated with the Norse goddess Freyja. One of Freyja’s hallmarks is her cloak made of falcon feathers that allows its bearer to literally become a falcon at will.

It gets deeper. As the Wikipedia article on Freyja states, Freyja is very protective of her husband, a man who travels to many nations and is always on the move, and searches for him on a regular basis.

The husband’s name? Odr, or as it’s sometimes written, Od.

Od. Ed. It’s starting to add up.

Ed is the one who is constantly on the move, looking for money and a purpose away from Falke, who refuses to let anything happen to him as he was the one who saved her life.

But we’re going further. Od is considered by some scholars to be a persona of the Norse god Odin, and Freyja is sometimes thought to be his wife (who is also known as Frigg). In other words, Ed and Falke are the representations of the god and goddess Odin and Freya.

So where does G fall into this? As I stated previously, G seeks to physically reshape the world, and in Norse mythology, this reshaping has a name: Ragnarok.

In Ragnarok, Odin fights the enormous wolf Fenrir and is devoured whole, leaving his wife to grieve. As the mortal representation of Odin, so too is Ed’s fate. He will be “consumed” by G’s influence, leaving Falke to grieve. But G, as a man who wishes to control emotions, will give Falke his version of paradise: to be controlled by him. Forever.

Everything comes full circle. Ed and Falke were created to be controlled, and in the end, they will fulfill their purpose.

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