Has M. Bison Become Sentient?

When I asked Twitter for ideas to make a speculation, I received many great ones, and I will be working on each of these ideas as tine allows. However, one thing I haven’t done is discuss the real-life implications of the game. If you were one of the very few people who watched my YouTube videos that I produced a couple of years ago, you would have known that I like to bring Street Fighter into situations that take place in the real world. There are two videos in particular that are relevant: one on Bison’s Black Moons and one on Street Fighter and Gamergate. Take a look sometime and you’ll see what I mean. I’ll post those videos if anyone is interested.

Since I already have a knack in making Street Fighter content that relates to the world at large, Shoryuken writer and Twitter user EXT0PD0LL wasn’t aware that her speculation request is not only possible, but provable. And it brings one very scary question to mind: how far will video games eventually go to create the ultimate experience for its users?

M. Bison is the perfect character example for this. His power and influence within the world of Street Fighter is widespread and nearly intangible. Characters in the game know his name, fear him, hate him, and love him. But what if I told you his influence has extended into our world? I don’t mean through Capcom’s marketing. I mean Bison is actually aware of our world, and he has already spread his influence.

We need to establish a couple of guidelines. First, just because a piece is canon or non-canon to the original media has zero bearing on this speculation. Since we’re dealing with the real world, and the real world has multiple variations of different games, the rule here will be, “if it exists in the real world, it’s canon.” Second, we are specifically talking about M. Bison AND ONLY M. Bison. I am not going to get into any arguments about Mario, Sonic, Thanos, or anyone else being able to spread their influence beyond their video games; in any case, those characters are still confined by the laws of their world. M. Bison isn’t. And you’re about to find out why.

The next thing we need to do is establish what Bison can actually do in his core series. What is the extent of his Psycho Power? Well, aside from flying into people, flying around his base, and throwing flying objects, the most important ability he has is teleportation. He can disappear and reappear anywhere at will. This tells us he has the ability to manipulate the space around him. More so, he has the ability to enter other dimensions. In fact, this is even proven after he is seemingly killed at the end of Street Fighter 5’s Cinematic Story Mode. After the destruction of his body, his avatar is seen as still existing, and he merely disappears into a different realm as Phantom Bison.

If Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max is any indication, Bison also has the ability to master time. Ingrid’s story implies this, as she claims that Bison stole technology from her. Ingrid is a time traveler from the future. If Bison did take her technology (and we don’t assume that Ingrid is actually a future Karin Kanzuki), he must have been able to somehow travel into the future to get it.

As Doctor Who fans would say, Bison is a Time Lord.

It gets even deeper. Bison has appeared in many different pieces of media outside of his main series. He was in Street Fighter × Tekken, Project X Zone, Power Rangers Legacy Wars, Wreck-It Ralph, and has made several other crossover appearances in games as well. What all of these imply is that Bison is aware of other video game universes and knows he is in a video game as well.

But moreso, this has been shown in his appearances through his memetic nature. Quotes from the Street Fighter American animation and movie have been used over and over in his video game appearances. Everything from “This is delicious!” to “For me, it was Tuesday” have become permanently ingrained into his character. And Bison lives for it. He knows how the real world functions. For Bison, memes are a means to control and influence. What you see as silly entertainment is his way to maintain a presence in YOUR life. Now he has control of you. Not Capcom. Not their marketing team. Not Yoshinori Ono. Bison is now a part of the real world.

And there is one final piece of proof, but we first need to look at Project X Zone to establish something. In that game, he is more or less stated as having a strong lust for women. While this was already shown in the core games, it was never officially stated in canon why Bison had so many female bodyguards and clones, and with Project X Zone being canon to the real world, we can establish trait as canon within Bison as well.

Now that all of this is has been determined, we can finally go back to EXT0PD0LL’s request. Bison is sentient, Bison loves women, and more importantly, Bison is very interested in her. And he has every reason to be. Outside of being a female Bison fan, she is also a prominent media figure in gaming and, more importantly, a gaming media influencer. Bison wants her to be under his power because she would willingly talk about him, and continue to promote the idea of him.

Basically, Bison already has her under his actual control. Her passion for Bison is nearly unmatched in the FGC, and she is the only person I have ever seen who actually cried when her character, played by another person, lost in a recent match. In fact, it seems almost… Doll-like. The Dolls in Street Fighter act the same way in the Street Fighter games, especially in Juni’s ending in Street Fighter Alpha 3; they’re all deeply smitten with him.

But I was asked if Bison is in love with her. So we need to ask: is Bison even capable of love?

The answer, surprisingly, is yes!

In the 1994 Street Fighter movie, Bison has many pieces of art that are all in his image, and so it’s obvious that he loves himself. But we need to go to arguably the worst piece of Street Fighter media to determine if he has the ability to love anyone else: The Legend of Chun-Li movie.

And as it turns out, he does. Not Chun-Li, and arguably not the wife he killed to gain his power, but his daughter, Rose. He put the good part of his soul into his unborn child, and does everything he can to protect her from the bad things he does and the bad things that could happen to her. It can be argued that he’s only protecting her to keep his soul alive or to use her as a future body, but why would he need to? His Psycho Power was complete without the good part of his soul. He had no reason to use a future body, even in a “just-in-case” scenario, as he didn’t see anyone, let alone Chun-Li, as a threat. There was no reason to keep her alive, but he did because she was his daughter, and he loved her.

So yes, Bison is capable of love. And with the proof stated here, there is no question that Bison is in love with EXT0PD0LL. She is the woman he always wanted to control. He is her dream man.

It’s a perfect match.

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